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Market Report about Backpack& Courier Bag Manufacturing in the US
Issue Time:2016-07-11

Brief Introduction about Backpack & Courier Bag Manufacturing Industry

    When it comes to backpacks and courier bags industry, operators in this firm always use a variety of materials, including canvas, rubberized fabric and plastic-based materials.


Backpacks are typically designed for school or outdoor use and typically have two straps that go over each shoulder. Courier bags, which are often called messenger bags, are worn across the body.


Industry Analysis & Industry Trends

The Backpack and Courier Bag Manufacturing industry suffered revenue declines during the height of the recession. As the unemployment rate climbed to new levels during the recession, disposable income dropped for the first time since 1991. Along with a drastic decline in consumer confidence, these conditions limited purchases at sporting goods stores. However, the industry is forecast to improve during the five years to 2020. As demand from retailers rebounds, consumer budgets increase and the number of young adults grows, revenue is anticipated to recover

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