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Jen Lewis of BuzzFeed Mashes Up Two Beloved Animated Franchises
Issue Time:2016-08-01

The Disney Princess Minions series will allow fans to celebrate the upcoming film for the adorable yellow beings in true meme fashion. It mashes up the two beloved franchises in a hilarious way. Essentially, the Disney Princesses including Jasmine, Ariel and Cinderella have all their upper bodies replaced with the iconic Minion frame, expressions and all. 

Created by Jen Lewis of BuzzFeed, the Disney Princess Minions series is yet another example of how this fad is far from fading. Fans of Disney films are constantly entertained by these reimaginings and for good reason. They are often creatively executed, appealing to younger and older generations. Each of the Disney Princess Minions created are accompanied by the apologetic phrase, 'I'm so sorry.'

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