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The Everyday Bags Sling Bring Versatility and Style Anywhere
Issue Time:2016-09-01

Coming out of the camera accessories industry, Peak Design realized that their camera bag design could translate to customizable bags in general, and so introduced the Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling. These three bags come in response to Peak Design's Everyday Messenger, a successful camera bag, but the new bags are for any consumer, not just photographers.

Each of the three new customizable bags comes in two colours, 'Charcoal' or 'Ash,' but the truly custom aspect is their 'FlexFold' dividers. Peak Design's experience with camera bags meant they had to design bags that were modular enough to fit many different camera bodies and lenses. Transferring those lessons to the consumer bag industry, the Everyday series lets consumers reshape their bag with compartments wherever they need them and access their gear without even removing the bag from their bodies.

The speed and convenience necessary for professional photography is now in the hands of everyday consumers with the Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling.  

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