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Choose a Proper Size Backpack for Your Child

Issue Time:2017-01-06

Choose a Proper Size Backpack for Your Child

Injuries related to backpacks account for over 7000 emergency room visits per year. Overly loaded backpacks lead to improper posture, causing pain and damage to the neck and back. 
So you should make ensure that your child's backpack is safe. The size of backpack is one important factor. It’s necessary for you to choose a proper size backpack for your child.

A backpack is not one size fits all. A smaller child will require a smaller pack. Try the pack on in the store. The bottom of a properly sized backpack should sit at the curve just above the hips and the top should sit just below the most prominent neck bone. Look for well-padded shoulder straps, preferably in a S-shape to take the pressure off of the nerves in the neck and shoulder area. The straps should be easily adjustable to custom fit the pack to the body. 
Shop for extra features such as a waist or chest strap to keep the load close to the body, and a lumbar pillow to allow for a more natural center of gravity with the pack on. A more expensive bag does not necessarily mean a safer one, as higher end designer bags tend to cater to fads and designs rather than safety.

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