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Tips for Selecting the Right Assault Backpack
Issue Time:2017-01-17

Tips for Selecting the Right Assault Backpack

Most of the tactical packs are designed for carrying heavy equipment. This definitely does not mean that they are uncomfortable. While on a mission, it is of utmost importance that the bag you carry is comfortable. Look for hip padding and straps as it makes carrying them for long distances more comfortable. Other things you can check are wide straps and air channels.

The capacity of the backpack determines how much gear you can carry. The shape and the number of compartments are the determining factors in this case. Bigger is not always better when it comes to tactical backpacks because, the bigger the backpack, the heavier it will be when it is full. Decide the capacity after you have finalized the equipment you need to carry.
Think carefully about the type of equipment you need to carry and choose a backpack that has sufficient compartment to accommodate all your gear. Compartments enable you to organize your gear so that it can be accessed quickly.
Material and durability
The material used reflects the backpack's durability and strength. Each material it's own properties and hence different advantages and disadvantages. Nylon, Polyester, Rip-Stop Nylon and Canvas are some of the most common materials used.
A few other considerations
Some of the other features to be considered are the color and loading design. Well, military style bags are meant for camouflage. So, they come in military colors. These backpacks are either front or top loading. Front loaders are the most common ones. Top loaders are used for long trips.
Finally, select a backpack that provides you with quick and easy access to your tactical gear when you need it the most.

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