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How to Choose Bike Bags for Bike Lovers
Issue Time:2017-02-08
How to Choose Bike Bags for Bike Lovers
To most bike lovers or cyclist, carrying things are very much accessible nowadays. This is quite possible through the help of the best bike accessory there is: the bike bags.
These bike bags have been manufactured to suit the needs of the biker and eventually make bikes a frenzy to be nominated as one of the most useful mode of transportation. With such goals in mind, these creators of bike bags have provided the consumers with different varieties to accommodate their various needs.
Bike bags that are on sale in the market do come in different forms with different purposes. There are the saddlebags, which are the smallest type of bag for one's bike. This particular bag can accommodate small items such as one's money, cell phones, credit cards, a snack or two, tools and etc. It is very well organized with small compartments for your items and such bag allows you to easily reach for you stuff without having to stop your journey. Then the handlebar bags were created. These bags are attached to the bike handles and similar with the saddlebags, it could carry small items. These bags are very versatile, if one whether or not wants to attach them for a moment of two is quite okay. Due to the small capacity provided by the aforementioned bags, larger models of bike bags were released in the market. These are the bike baskets or known as the French term Panniers. These bags could hold large items and be attach either or both on the front and/or rear racks of one's bike.
Knowing what bags would suit your bikes and need is one of the solutions for you to prepare your trip of a lifetime experience. But what do amateur bike users must know before actually purchasing one of these bags? Here are some quick items as to one should considering before making a purchase:
1. Capacity. One should scrutinize whether you need to carry light or heavy loads of items for you trip. When you are just starting out on using bikes for your adventures, why not start with a small bike bag for your light load day and then purchase a larger one such as the panniers if need more space in one of your future trips. Why is this practical? Well when you jump right away in buying the larger bags, they won't be able to hold tight most small items. This can cause a burden on your part by worrying whether your stud is still complete while you are on your way to your destination.
2. Adjustability. Take note of the bike bags that could easily be adjusted to hold different gear loads. Try to scrutinize if the bags do offer expanded pockets, extending collars or compression straps. This will help you pick a practical bag that would handle your different types of trips in the future.
3. Accessibility. Make sure the bike bags does offer you different features that would help your items to be organized such as providing different compartments, pockets or dividers. In this way you could easily distinguished the right place where you can reach for your money, drink, snacks or riding gloves. Most small bike bags do offer such feature.

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