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7 of The Most Practical Hiking Backpacks out There
Issue Time:2017-03-16

7 of The Most Practical Hiking Backpacks out There

You probably put an emphasis on style, simplicity, and keeping your MacBook safe when picking out a backpack to take to work every day, but a good hiking backpack focuses more on weight, comfort, and carrying capacity — to help ensure you have everything you need to make it up the mountain.
If you have a weekend hiking or camping trip coming up this spring or are looking to trek the whole of Appalachia over the next few months, take a look and see if one of these backpacks is right for you.

Patagonia Backpack

What it weighs: 10.8oz
What it can carry: 15L
One of the most trusted names in outdoor gear, Patagonia has a lot to offer casual hikers and trail runners. Made with a durable, water-repellant finish, this backpack can withstand the elements if you feel inspired to hit the trail on a rainy day.

CamelBak Backpack

What it weighs: 11.2oz
What it can carry: 16.5L
CamelBak makes some of the best affordable hiking bags you’ll find. They’re the brand I trust to bring to music festivals and on extended bike rides, but will serve you just as well while exploring a new trail.

Marmot Backpack

What it weighs: 13oz
What it can carry: 20L
This Marmot backpack is a solid value option for those who don't want to spend too much on their hiking gear. It also stuffs conveniently into its lid, so you can fit it into a bigger bag while you’re backpacking through Europe — and break it out when you’re ready to summit.

REI Backpack

What it weighs: 14.5oz
What it can carry: 22L
If you’re looking to keep things simple and affordable, this Flash 22 Pack from REI is a great choice. Light and breathable, it has plenty of space for day trips.

The North Face Backpack

What it weighs: 2lbs
What it can carry: 32L
The North Face makes some of our favorite seasonal clothes and accessories on the market, and it's no surprise the brand’s hiking gear is up to the task as well. It’s a good in-between bag with enough space to pack for one night rather than an extended stay on the mountain.

Osprey Backpack

What it weighs: 4lbs 6oz
What it can carry: 65L
Space and comfort are exponentially more important for serious hikers. This Osprey pack handles up to 50 pounds of gear and has straps for your sleeping pad, trekking pole, and space for your water.

Arc'teryx Backpack

What it weighs: 4lbs 15oz
What it can carry: 65L
Another good option for more experienced and ambitious hikers, this Arc'teryx backpack is designed to sit perfectly on your back with minimal movement and has conveniently placed pockets that make it easy to pack a lot while keeping your most important supplies quickly accessible.
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