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Haslor Wish All Girls Happy International Girls Day
Issue Time:2017-10-11
Haslor Wish All Girls Happy International Girls Day 
Hey, girls
Media messages, cultural stereotypes and peers often tell girls that we have to look, act and be a certain way. With the slogan, “She Can Do Anything,” International Girls Day is a day to celebrate girls – all kinds of girls with all kinds of interests and abilities. It’s an opportunity to build confidence in girls and help us realize our potential.
Haslor Wish all girls in the world live a happy life! Who are you, girls today? You are tomorrow’s leader. You may be president of her senior class and future president of the USA. You may be the up-and-coming CEO of a Fortune 500 company and the brains behind the next breakthrough in medical science. You may be a future gold medal Olympic athlete, an inventor, an entrepreneur, a philosopher. You are impacting her community – today and into the future. Come on! Girls, you can do anything!
Best Regards
From Haslor Bags Team

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